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Sammy was born 6/18/22. He is cautious with new people. He will not be placed in a home with more about Sammy
Thank you for choosing rescue! We are volunteers with other commitments in addition to rescue. Our more about Prescott
  Austin Pending
Austin born 7/14/22.  weight 10 lbs. Sweet and very loving. He is a little shy when he meets more about Austin Pending
  Chillbur Pending
Chillbur was born 10/25/22. He arrived at rescue with parasites. He has been treated and he is more about Chillbur Pending
  Delilah Pending
Delilah was born 10/25/22. She arrived at rescue with parasites. She has been treated and she is more about Delilah Pending
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Dodo Response with Links -- Friday August 3rd, 2018
The Dodo Response -- Thursday August 2nd, 2018

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