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Q: Where do I find your application? Is there a fee for an application?

A: Our application is located on our website, We do require a $10 tax donation to complete an application. We want to insure that if you are applying for a rescue from us, that you are serious and understand that pet ownership is a responsibility and there are expenses involved in caring for your pet.

Q: What is the fee to adopt from your rescue?

A: Our adoption fees start at $150 and up, most are in the $550 range.  Puppy adoption fees help to pay for our vet bills and operation expenses. Yes, the vets charge us and vet care is not cheap. We also help senior dogs. They are vetted and given to senior humans. The older dogs are the ones who truly need help and are rarely adopted. Please consider an adult or senior if you can not afford a puppy. Our adoption fees are less than half of what the pet stores charge and the fee for a puppy goes back into helping other dogs in need. There are also other costs involved with helping breeder and pet store puppies. We pay a transport fee for EACH puppy that we take from the stores. A trip to rescue 40 to 60 dogs from the mid west can easily cost over $1000.00 in gas and required health certificates. This does not include vetting, grooming and care expenses while they are in rescue. I receive very few donations and rely on higher adoption fees for puppies to keep our doors open.

Q: Can I visit the dogs BEFORE I submit an application?

A: No, most of us are volunteers with full time jobs and families. We only have the time to work with approved adopters. It is a waste of your time and ours to meet a dog that you are not approved to take home. Our time is very limited. Thank you for understanding. Please seek out your local animal control or shelter if you are interested in meeting the pet first. They are in greater need of a home, as our puppies and dogs are safe in foster homes.

Q: Will you hold a dog for me?

A: Generally, NO, but we will occasionally hold a dog for an approved adopter for a very short period of time but only with a non-refundable deposit. Every dog in our program takes a space for a dog waiting to come in. We try to find approved homes for our dogs as quickly as possible.

Q: Where do your dogs come from and why do you get so many puppies?

A: We take dogs from owners who can no longer take care of their pets, high kill shelters, breeders who need to place dogs not suitable for their breeding program and from pet stores. Pet stores reject puppies for many reasons including minor treatable health conditions, or being older than 8 weeks old. Many stores that we work with were euthanizing or sending dogs back to breeders before we started taking them.

Q: Why do you help dogs in other states and breeder dogs? Doesn't this promote breeding?

A: Because it is my rescue, we choose to help whomever we want. I have never felt that compassion should be based on geographical location and I thank God that we have many wonderful adopters who share my opinion that every dog and puppy deserves a chance regardless of where they come from. The cold truth is when a breeder or pet store no longer has use for a dog, they will dispose of them in some way whether we take them or not. We also work with breeders who would never euthanize their dogs but want to see them in a loving home when they are no longer suitable for their breeding program.

Q:- Where are dogs located?

A: Most dogs are located in FL and TN. We have several foster homes in various states.  For insurance and security of our fosters, we do not have multiple strangers where we reside.

Q: Why are dogs listed with "no Children"?

Answer- Most of our dogs adore children. This is for the dog's safety. We will adopt to homes with well behaved children. I have taken many dogs into rescue over the years who have been severely injured by young children. I put the safety of the dogs in my program above what a person wants for their toddler.

Q: Why do I need to register my dogs microchip?

A: If your dog is not registered through a registration program, the microchip in them is of no value. It can be read, but if there is no information as to who owns the animal, it is as if they were not chipped at all. Registration is inexpensive and well worth every penny spent.

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