East Coast Humane Society


Q: Where do I find your application? 

A: Our Application is on our located on our website.  Scroll over Website Features and click Forms/Application.

Q: Why do you have Adoption fees?

A:  Adoption fees are a vital part of our rescue's ability to provide for the animals in our care. Starting at $250, with the majority of our puppies' fees around the $950 mark, these fees are meticulously calculated to cover a range of necessary expenses, ensuring we can continue our mission to save and nurture these precious lives.

Where Do Your Fee Go?

Veterinary Care: The largest portion of the adoption fee goes directly towards comprehensive veterinary care for each animal. This includes vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries, microchipping, and any other medical attention required. Veterinary services are a substantial cost, as we are charged for these services just like any pet owner.

Operation Expenses: Running a rescue involves numerous behind-the-scenes costs, from maintaining our administrative costs, insurance, transportation fees for rescuing dogs from various situations, including commercial breeding facilities and pet stores.

Senior Dogs and Senior Humans Program: A heartwarming part of our mission is connecting senior dogs, who often have a harder time finding homes, with senior citizens. These dogs receive full veterinary care before adoption to ensure they can start their new lives healthy and happy.

Adoption Fees Compared to Pet Stores:  Our fees are significantly less than what you might encounter at pet stores, providing a more ethical and supportive option for adding a pet to your family. Importantly, every dollar from the adoption fee is reinvested into the rescue, helping us rescue, vet, and care for more dogs in need.

Transportation and Rescue Missions:  Part of our work involves rescuing dogs from less fortunate circumstances, including commercial breeders and pet stores. These missions are costly, requiring transportation and health certification for each dog, sometimes totaling over $8,000 for a single trip. This does not include the subsequent vetting, grooming, and daily care expenses.

The Importance of Adoption Fees:  While we receive very few donations, the adoption fees, particularly from puppies, are crucial for keeping our rescue operational. We encourage those who might find the puppy adoption fee out of reach to consider adopting an adult or senior dog. Not only is the fee lower, but you're also giving a home to a dog that desperately needs love and care.

A Call to Our Community:  We understand that adoption fees can seem daunting at first glance. However, these fees are a necessary part of ensuring that we can continue to provide for every animal that comes through our doors. By choosing to adopt, you're not just gaining a new family member; you're also supporting a network of care that extends to countless other animals in need.

Thank you for your understanding and support. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these deserving animals.

Q: Can I meet the dogs before submitting an application?

A: To ensure the most efficient use of our resources and time, all of which are generously donated by our volunteers, we only work with approved adopters. This policy helps us focus on creating successful matches between our dogs and potential families, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and one step closer to a forever home. We appreciate your understanding and encourage those eager to meet pets immediately to connect with local animal control or shelters. These organizations often have animals in urgent need of homes, whereas our dogs and puppies are secure in foster care. Our approach ensures that both your time and ours are dedicated to the best possible outcomes for these animals.

Q: Can you hold a dog for me until I am ready to adopt?

A: As a general rule, we do not hold dogs. Our mission is to find our rescue dogs their forever homes as efficiently as possible, allowing us to help more animals in need. However, under certain circumstances, we may consider holding a dog for an already approved adopter for a brief period. This exception requires a non-refundable deposit to ensure commitment, as every dog in our care represents a spot that could be filled by another dog waiting for rescue. This policy helps us maintain a steady flow of rescues finding their new families, ensuring we can continue our work effectively.

Q: Why does your rescue assist dogs from other states and those associated with breeders? Doesn't this support the practice of breeding?

A:  Our mission is driven by compassion, which knows no geographical boundaries, and this extends to our involvement in rescuing dogs from breeders and pet stores. Recognizing that these animals are bred regardless of our intervention, we step up to ensure that all dogs, especially those deemed less desirable due to age, health, or just look; hair or fur is not what is wanted , have a chance at finding loving homes. This includes taking in older puppies  10 to 12 weeks and providing sanctuary for breeding dogs when they are no longer used for reproduction. Often, breeders are more inclined to release dogs with health or not breed look  to us rather than opting to find homes for them themselves . By adopting out these animals, we not only offer them a better life but also disrupt the cycle of breeding and abandonment, emphasizing care over commerce. It's crucial to understand that our involvement does not support or endorse breeding practices. Instead, we are committed to ensuring that dogs in need, regardless of their background, find safety and love. Our community of adopters plays a vital role in supporting this vision, helping us make a significant difference in these animals' lives."

Q: Where are the foster dogs located?

A: Our foster network spans several states, with the majority of our dogs located in Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), and Tennessee (TN). We are fortunate to have a dedicated network of foster homes across these areas, providing care and shelter for our rescues. To ensure the safety and privacy of our foster volunteers, as well as to maintain insurance compliance, we do not disclose specific locations or host visits with the general public at our foster homes. We appreciate your understanding and support in protecting the well-being and security of our fosters and the dogs in their care.

Q: Why are some dogs listed as 'no children'?

A: While many of our dogs have affectionate temperaments and enjoy the company of children, the designation "no children" is primarily for the dog's safety. Our experience has shown us that, despite the best intentions, interactions between dogs and very young children can sometimes lead to accidental harm to the dog. Our priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of all dogs in our care, which means we may recommend certain dogs for homes with older or well-behaved children. This decision is based on the individual dog's history, temperament, and our commitment to preventing any potential injuries. Rest assured, it's our goal to find a loving and suitable home for each dog, while prioritizing their safety and happiness.

Q: Why is it necessary to register my dog's microchip?

A: Registering your dog's microchip is a crucial step in ensuring their safety and your peace of mind. An unregistered microchip, while it can be scanned and read, offers no actionable information to connect your lost pet back to you. Without your contact details linked to the microchip in a registry, the microchip's presence is effectively meaningless in the effort to reunite you with your pet. Registration is typically a straightforward and affordable process, representing a small investment in the grand scheme of your dog's wellbeing. It ensures that if your pet ever gets lost, the microchip will serve its intended purpose: bringing your beloved companion home safely.


Thank you for considering one of our rescues!